Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Lights On Rider Anthem" Featuring Doc Waffles, Eddie Logix & James Linck - Official Video

The first time I watched this video all I could do was laugh. It's well done and I love the way that the movement in the video goes with the energy of the song. But, there is also a dude wearing a coat made out of someone's grandma's comforter and clips of masked women dancing with Doc Waffles in the back of a car with a multi color strobe light.

This latest video for "Lights on Rider Anthem" featuring Doc Waffles, James Linck and Eddie Logix was shot by none other than Andrew Miller. It has been one good video after another from this guy. It features appearances by Ryan Spencer from Jamaican Queens, Chris Jarvis, and Mister from Passalacqua.The song is really solid and I caught myself listening to it on repeat while I was writing about the video. Lately anything with James or Doc Waffles on it is music to my ears. Don't forget to Check out Doc this Saturday here and James next Thursday here.


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