Monday, February 24, 2014

Detroit X Detroit 4 - Bigger and Better than Before!

This past weekend the fourth installment of Detroit X Detroit took over the Magic Stick in Detroit. Hits from fifteen Detroit bands or singers were performed by some of the leaders and some of the new comers in Detroit's current music scene. The night included music by legendary musicians including Madonna and The Supremes and also some local favorites such as Phantasmagoria

This year's DETXDET was the biggest year yet, with probably the most diverse lineup yet as well. That goes for both the actual performers and the music being covered. There was music from Detroit Punk Rockers The Suicide Machines played by 500 Club, Madonna sang by a man by the name of Dan Henig who performed the songs acoustic style, and more Motown favorites including The Temptations (School of Rock) and The Supremes (After Dark Amusement Park). There were even quite a few performances that made the crowd say, "I didn't know they were from Detroit!" like The Knacks (Six and the Sevens), Del Shannon (The Philter), and Grand Funk Railroad (Jet Rodriguez).

All of the performances from start to finish were great, whether they covered new or old music. Some played the tunes spot on, while others took their own take on things. Although we were impressed by all of the musicians, there were a few that blew us away. At the top of that list had to be Stevie Soul and Omar Aragones as Rodriguez. It was amazing. Whether you are a Rodriguez fan or not, the music from this duo was amazing. Omar's voice paired with the sounds that come out of Stevie Soul's mouth definitely made my jaw drop... probably a couple of times. Really, who needs a band when you have Stevie Soul? The dude filled in for everything from drums to trumpet. Definitely an awesome take on these songs.

All in all this year's Detroit X Detroit was a great time full of great music. My only complaint for this year was that not enough people dressed up as whom they were performing as. Those that did were pretty amazing though!

Props to Melissa Rowe from Oh Snap! PR on a job well done. Working with so many bands and pulling this event off is quite the feat! We're glad to see it growing and getting bigger and better every year! Thanks for putting on such a fun show and for raising funds for School of Rock in the process.

Make sure to head over and like the brand new Detroit X Detroit Facebook page to see more pictures and videos from this year. That will be the best place to find out about next year's festivities as well! Until then, keep rockin' Detroit! And start thinking about who you'd like to perform as the next time around!


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