Monday, February 10, 2014

Berserker was Berserker!!!

Photo Credit: Matt Moy

Berserker was Berserker to say the very least. It brought out an entirely new crowd of people and packed The W.A.B. / The Loving Touch complex for four days straight. Christie and I ran around having the time of of our lives while trying to get as many videos and pictures as possible.

We would like to congratulate Shawn Knight and thank him for booking such a cool event. We have never seen so much black clothing, heard so many guitars shredding, or had so much fun listening to metal in Ferndale. We also want to say I'm sorry to the staff at The Loving Touch. The crowd went berserk and totally trashed that place. It's going to take a few days to get that smell of metal out of those walls.

I think that this fest was more than successful and would like to see it return again next year. I liked the outdoor tent and thought the three stages were a great idea. It was nice that the stages so were so close, so if you liked two bands at the same time you could split your time and easily make it over to the other set. The only complaint I have is that someone should have shoveled the snow a little better, I almost died slipping and sliding around in my hooker boots Saturday night. It was a different lineup for Ferndale and was a nice way to break out of the winter blues. I personally really enjoyed Nice Hooves' set on Thursday night and Bahamut’s set on Saturday night. If you missed the show check out all of the action for yourself.


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