Friday, February 28, 2014

Cheapshow is Playing a Cheap Show at New Dodge Saturday Night!

This Saturday night the Punk Rock crowd is taking over The New Dodge. Well, the acoustic punk rockers at least. Cheapshow, The Gator, Carmel Liburdi and Ben LaLiberte are all hitting the stage. How can a band be acoustic and punk rock, you ask? Well take a listen to Cheapshow and The Gator and you will understand. There's some folk in there and even some dirty gypsy rock beats going on, but it is all deeply rooted in good ol' punk rock. 

We feel like this is a show that should have been at Toepfer House, but since it and PAN Shop closed last year, that's not possible. So we're glad to at least see it at a venue we love. And on top of that, we are happy to see a show that is a little out of the ordinary for New Dodge. You may not be able to BYOB, but drinks are pretty darn cheap here and the vibe is just as laid back. Plus the bartenders are all pretty rad. 

Doors to the New Dodge open at 9 p.m. on Saturday. As you can tell by the flyer, the price isn't set. It will be $7 or less though. So that's pretty fair if you ask us! For more details, keep an eye on the Facebook event page here


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