Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spazz Happy!

Some people are very creative and some people are very analytical, but every once in awhile you meet someone who excels at both being artistic and extremely intelligent. Tiffany Tuttle is one of those people. I met Tiffany a few years ago through some friends and knew her as the intellectual woman who was going to school and getting her doctorate. But, once she finished school she started publishing some articles on her blog, Dr. Tiff Tutts, and I was very intrigued. Her subject matters were interesting, witty, and uplifting. I liked the way she wrote and the things that she wrote about so I started following her more closely.

Then, this summer she blew my mind when she started her own company called Spazz Happy Line Design. She started creating these amazing art pieces that could be used as decorations or plant holders. They were symmetrical and beautiful designs that came in a variety of colors and shapes. I had no idea that she was capable of something like this and when I saw her selling her creations at a booth during the Urban Craft Fair, I couldn’t help but purchase one.

Tiffany is a woman who has literally got it all going on and uses what she has to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Her designs are very neat and organized and crazy at the same time, just like her. Spazz Happy has been getting a lot of well deserved attention, so I wanted to talk to her about how she started making these items in the first place and what other crazy plans she has in the future. I think once you check out her blog and her business you will fall in love with her just like I did. I wish that we had 50 more Tiffany Tuttle’s around Detroit because she truly is an inspiring person!

HID- How did you learn about making objects with Copper, Brass, and Aluminum?
Tiffany- "It all started less than a year ago when I was just trying to find a mobile for a landing space in our house. I was looking around at different pieces, and thought, “Wait a minute… I wonder if I could whip something up myself.” Turned out I had so much fun making them, I just didn’t stop. I like variety, so the copper, brass and aluminum were options I found most stylistically appealing. I think they look good individually, as well as all three together. I’m pro at “mixing it up” and everyone likes having choices, so I decided to work with these 3 metals."

HID- Why did you choose to name your company Spazz Happy Line Design?
Tiffany- "SPAZZ HAPPY!! Agh!! Because I’m a total spazz a lot of the times. I like to surround my self with people that I love, and it doesn’t take much to put me in a good mood, so spazz happy just kind of fits me. Plus, I hope that people who get one of my creations, take pleasure knowing some spazzy girl was able to keep her shit together long enough to focus and concentrate on making a delicate piece that is especially for them."

HID- How does one take care of an air plant which you feature in your hanging plant holders?
Tiffany- "I’m not a total pro, but the air plants (technically called tillandsias) I use are pretty resilient. I recommend submerging them in water over night, or for a few hours, once a week, or once every other week. Then shaking off the water and putting them back into their little spazz happy home. Sometimes I forget to water all of mine and 3 weeks may pass, but they liven right up with a good ol’ water dunk."

HID- What’s the hardest design that you have made so far?
Tiffany- "Hmmmm. Well I have some new designs going up in March or April, and a lot of those were challenging, but the one that was the hardest up on my site now was probably the flash diamond piece. Lots of trial and error… and error, and error, and swearing, and error and then success, before I was able to finish that one."

HID- How often have you cut yourself when working with these materials?
Tiffany- "No injuries yet. I have my husband to thank for that! He created the best work station for me. Safety goggles and all. I look like I’m cooking meth, but I’m not."

HID- Have you ever ended up in the hospital?
Tiffany- "Yes! But not related to spazz happy. That’s another interview."

HID- What was it like to have a booth at this year's Urban Craft Fair?
Tiffany- "OMG! THE BEST!! I love our city, I love the people who put the DUCF on, I love the people who attended, I love DIY in general, so, it was amazing. I had to do some self-therapy to myself though, because I literally thought, “I’m going to go down in history as the first vendor who doesn’t sell anything.” That didn’t happen. All my friends- including you (!) are so supportive, and I think everyone of my buds who came down bought something from me which was super sweet, and my homegirl Michele also volunteered her entire weekend to help me. I really like people, and I like to talk to everybody, so it was fun getting to meet a lot of different folks. PLUS, being able to make someone happy is one of the best feelings in the world to me, so it was awesome getting to see people become excited for a purchase they made." 

HID- You recently wrote an article on your blog that I enjoyed called "WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS… MAKE LEMON-GRENADES AND DESTROY ANYTHING THAT STANDS IN THE WAY OF YOUR AWESOMENESS". Can you tell us how you began writing and what drove you to address this topic?
Tiffany- "Sure! I’m so glad you liked it! Well, I’m formally trained as a clinical psychologist, and I earned my doctorate in 2008, so writing about the human condition is something I’m especially drawn to. It also gets me all spazzed out- but in a good way. I love people (sorry I keep saying that) and I love helping anyone I possibly can, so starting this blog was my way of trying to do that. That topic, and the others I address are simply my attempt to help others alleviate distress, and basically increase the overall quality of life they have."

HID- Will you continue to write on your blog? What issues do you plan to address?
Tiffany- "Yes, I will keep that baby going! I think the next post will address taking risks. This topic is very present for me as of late because… I have a book coming out this Spring/Summer called “Being and Awesomeness – Get Rad, Stay Rad.” I’m super excited, and also super nervous about it. People can expect self-help that is based on sound research, but has toilet humor tossed in. The only way I can describe it is… Huge chunks of enlightenment floating in a toilet- but a really clean toilet, so you won’t get gonorrhea from me."

HID- Will you be featuring Spazz Happy at any other upcoming events?
Tiffany- "I hope so!! I plan to apply for the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco & Los Angeles, that’s happening in July. Wish me luck that I get accepted!"

HID- Is there anything else that you want our readers to know ?
Tiffany- "Hmmm. I guess… just be rad to yourself and to others. And thank you for reading this and giving a damn, or even half a damn- I’ll take that too!"

To keep up with Tiffany’s writing click here. To Check out Spazz Happy Line Design and purchase an item for your home click here.


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