Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Make Our City More Beautiful with Bleeding Hearts Design

Bleeding Heart Design is looking for an artist to work on an art installation in the Lindale Community Gardens of Northeast Detroit. The organization’s mission statement is “... to provide people with what they need to contribute positively to their community, city, nation, and Earth; and to provide in a way that is specific to the person and the character of the community. We endeavor to connect individuals, organizations, businesses and institutions to one another in order to venerate humanity’s interdependence”. The theme for this particular mural will be Love and Forgiveness. 

The group has $1000 to give to the artist and $1000 for materials. So this is a great opportunity to create something beautiful in our community and make some money to continue funding your dreams. The deadline for submission is March 16th and you can learn more about the organization here.

Some of the projects that they have worked on in the past have been very powerful and beautiful. Check those out here.

There are a lot of amazing artist out there that would be perfect for this, so don't be afraid to enter!


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