Friday, February 14, 2014

Olivia Millerschin says "Screw Valentine's Day"

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I have never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day. There is no reason to have a holiday that excludes so many people and makes them feel bad for being single, being single is one of the best things to be. I usually boycott the whole event or go out with my girlfriends. My poor boyfriend is either lucky or unlucky for my lack of interest in the holiday, it depends on how you look at it.

This year to celebrate Valentine's Day we have a cool video from a local artist named Olivia Millerschin, a Rochester Hills native whose new song will be featured at Kohl’s stores nationwide this February. She made a video for the song “Screw Valentine’s Day”and in the video you can see shots of places around Rochester including The Village. We thought it was a cute song and it was a pretty big deal that a Rochester native would be featured nationwide for the month. 

We had a chance to ask her a few questions about herself and what's next for this singer songwriter. Check out what she has to say and watch her new video today, Screw Valentine's Day indeed.

HID- What inspired you to write this song?
Olivia- "I honestly love Valentine’s Day! I think it’s a cheesy and fun holiday but I had seen a ton of bitter, single people so I thought: why not write a song from that perspective?"

HID- Whats the worst/ best thing that has happened to you on Valentine's Day?
Olivia- "I would say the best thing to ever happen to me on Valentine’s Day was getting a giant box of Godiva chocolates. I mean it’s a day centered around love and fattening foods so I just don’t get how it could go wrong!"

HID- How did you partner up with Kohl's and get them to release your song? That seems like a huge deal for a little lady from Rochester!
Olivia- "I have a licensing contract with a company in New York who sent my song out to them and I guess they liked it! haha. Never underestimate us little ladies from Rochester!"

HID- Tell us about shooting your music video, I see that a lot of the shots were taken at The Village, why did you decide to shoot it there? How long did it take? We want details!
Olivia- "I sat down with Dit, the director, and we just wanted to make a funny and quick video to match the upbeat song. The Village is such a beautiful location so we figured it would be perfect a proposal scene!"

HID- How old were you when you started writing your own music?
Olivia- "I started writing my own music when I was about 11. I don’t exactly remember the quality or content of those songs so I’m going to hope that they don’t resurface someday!"

HID- What instruments do you play?
Olivia- "I play guitar, ukulele, piano, and have been working at banjo and mandolin for a little while. I can also play a mean triangle. But I only bring that one out at parties."

HID- If people like what they hear, where can they find more music from you?
Olivia- "If you like what you hear: You can check me out on the internetty thingy! My Facebook fanpage is Olivia Millerschin and my website is All my music is on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon!

HID- Do you ever play live?
Olivia- "Playing live shows are my favorite thing to do. I love meeting people and exploring the venues! I’ve been on three national tours, opening for artists such as Teddy Geiger, Howie Day, Ryan Cabrera, and Tyler Hilton. We’re planning a ton of tours for the summer!"

HID- Anything else you would like our readers to know about you?
Olivia- "I’m going to be releasing my new Album “Over The Weather.” this spring and I’m launching a Pledge Music campaign for that this month so keep a look out for that! Thank you so much!"

Shes talented and adorable, we see big things for this little local Rochester lady!


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