Thursday, February 6, 2014

One Night Down, Three More To Go! Berserker is This Weekend!!!

Last night was the official kick off party of the first ever Berserker fest. This 4 night festival being held at The Loving Touch and the WAB features over 50 "loud, fast, extreme, weird" bands. We are so excited to see a festival like this happening in the Detroit area. The first night was already crazy awesome and I expect the next three nights to be even better. I won't bore you with descriptions and details of the bands. All I will say is do yourself a favor and don't miss this fest! Jeremy from Touch said it best, "Get ready for three more nights of fucking mayhem!"

Check out a few videos from the first 4 bands of Berserker, Kronic Youth, Touch (of North America), Traitor, and Terrible Twos.

Admission is only $15 a night and that will get you into both The Loving Touch and the WAB. And
remember, ALL AGES are welcome to this show! So, all of you youngins don't have an excuse to miss this one! Doors open at 7 p.m. every night. For a full list of bands and set times head over to

Oh, and...

Sorry, I had to.


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