Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wrappin' Up Metro Times Blowout 16

As the Blowout winded down, Saturday came around and we had one thing on our mind; party like crazy and end the Blowout with a bang. And we did just that.

We started the night at Rust Belt for Patrick Davy & The Ghosts, which seemed to be where most people started out. They were solid as always, but they sounded way better than last time we saw them at The Loving Touch. Maybe it was the room, maybe it was the Blowout frenzy, but regardless, they were rockin'. We tried to catch Mick Bassett next, but that was running behind... We also tried to catch Alexis later in the night, but that was a tad early. So those got added to the long list of bands we missed.

The band that we refused to miss was Silent Lions. The lead singer, Dean Tartaglia, battled it out so he wouldn't miss the Blowout. So we had to do the same for them. They were definitely one of the best bands of the entire Blowout. This was our first time catching these guys live. Becca did an album review for them earlier this year and since then we've been dying to see them. Here's a song from their set and a short interview with the band.


If you didn't get to see Silent Lions on Saturday, they will be back in town at the Majestic Cafe on  Friday, June 14th with Jack Oblivian. You can get all of the details for that show here.

We also had a chance to catch two of our local favorites on Saturday night. The A-Gang played at the Rust Belt, which was an excellent treat and break from the indie rock and dance music that we saw throughout the rest of the weekend. (Not that we don't like that music too!)

Then we ended the night dancing it up with friends at the Flashclash show. We weren't sure how it would be seeing them play on the floor at One Eyed Betty's instead of on a big stage with lights and screens. But, their set on Saturday night just goes to show that these guys are entertaining no matter what.

So, what did we think of this year's Metro Times Blowout? Overall we had a ton of fun. We got to catch a lot of great bands during both weekends, some old favorites and some new ones that we've never seen before. There was definitely a good variety of musicians playing throughout the festival, so there was something for everyone.

As far as two weekends go, we liked it, but it was a little much. We are still exhausted. But, when we were waiting for the second weekend to come around, we were definitely anxious for it. Where as last year, after the Blowout was over, we were wishing it wasn't. The overall turnout didn't seem quite as good and being spread out over two weekends didn't seem to put people in quite the same party mode. We even noticed that a lot of bands that were playing only came out on the night they were playing and MAYBE one other night, which wasn't the case as much last year. We can't necessarily say we want it to be one weekend again though! It was fun both ways! But, if it does go back to one weekend, stick with Hamtramck. There's enough shows and festivals in Ferndale already.

On the flip side, if this year's Blowout was only one weekend long, we wouldn't have had the chance to see as many bands as we did and party with as many people as we did! We are so happy to have met & hung out with some new friends over these past couple of weeks. It was so much fun! We hope everyone else had as much fun as we did! If we didn't get a chance to see your band (and there's a long list that we wish we could've seen) we hope we get to see you soon! There will be plenty of shows between now and the next Blowout for us to come out to, which means there are plenty of opportunities for us all to party again.

Thank you to Metro Times for putting on such an awesome event and giving us the opportunity to cover it! I think we can speak for all of the bands involved and all of the people that came out when we say you put on one hell of a party!


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