Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Friday Night in Ferndale for the Metro Times Blowout

After the blur that was Thursday night at the Blowout, Friday led to a lot of half dazed wandering and a few excellent bands. Although we weren't feeling too ambitious for the night, we knew we couldn't miss some bands, especially The Ill Itches, The Hounds Below, and of course, the last minute added show from The HandGrenades.

We started the night at One Eyed Betty's to catch up with our new friends in The Ill Itches. Maybe handing them a bottle of whiskey right before we started wasn't the best idea, but it made for a fun interview. Here's what they had to say:

We also got a chance to catch the band later that night, which was a first for us. Super awesome! We will definitely be checking these guys out again and you should too. The release party for the compilation (The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit) mentioned in the interview is coming up on June 8th at PJ's Lager House. You can get all of the info on that here. There are quite a few great Detroit bands involved in this project and most of them will be playing that night.
Speaking of great bands included on the compilation, The HandGrenades are also featured on that album. We had the pleasure of talking with them as well on Friday night. We absolutely love these guys and from the interview and last week's footage of them playing, you can tell why. Good band & good dudes.

We topped the night off with Becca at Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas while Sadie & I were at The HandGrenades show and then we all joined up again to catch the always wonderful The Hounds Below. Unfortunately we were having too much fun at that point to grab any videos or pictures, but we can tell you that they're set was awesome and was a good way to end the second night in Ferndale. Well, that and some pizza & beer with friends at Como's.

Thanks again to the guys in The HandGrenades and The Ill Itches for taking the time to chat with us. You were definitely highlights to both weekends. And that big thank you also goes out to all of the bands that we met up with over both weekends! We still have one day of coverage left. So keep an eye out for our Saturday night post and our final thoughts on this year's Blowout tomorrow!


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