Monday, May 6, 2013

Fun First Night @ The Ferndale Blowout

Last Thursday night kicked off the Ferndale weekend of the Metro Times Blowout. Thursday was definitely one of the better nights in terms of the lineups. There were way too many sets we wanted to see, but unfortunately we weren't able to catch all of them. The one good thing about the Blowout being in Ferndale was that everything was within walking distance. So once you're parked, you can stay there until the night's over. Plus parking is free after 8 p.m. now which is awesome!

We started the night off by catching up with three of the bands performing that night. We met with Cold Wave, The Bobby Electric, and Ryan Dillaha and The Miracle Men. Watch the interviews, see what each band thought of the Blowout and learn a bit more about them.

We did end up at The Loving Touch for a good part of the night and watched some of our favorites perform. Passalacqua kicked it off and filled the place despite it being early in the night. Then we caught James Linck's performance and I'm pretty sure I've never seen Sadie dance quite so much!

After James' set we ran over to One Eyed Betty's to see SUB. When we got there our friend told us that the place had booked them thinking they were a classic rock band. So once they started people were a little surprised to say the least. We've never been able to see SUB before that night, but we are definitely going to try to see them more now! Check out this song from their set.

After SUB we had to run back over to The Loving Touch to catch some of Tunde Olaniran's set. There were way too many bands playing around the same time which is one of the reasons the Blowout is a little tough to navigate. So we ended up staying at The Loving Touch for the rest of the night except to run down to New Way Bar and catch some of The Bobby Electric.

Overall Thursday night was a blast and got us pumped for the rest of the weekend. Check back here throughout the week for more of our coverage from the Blowout.


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