Friday, May 24, 2013

Win A Chance To See Restorations with The Menzingers, Fake Problems & Captain We're Sinking

We were recently turned on to a band from Philadelphia called Restorations. They seem like a fun band and I really like what I've heard so far on their bandcamp page. But even better, we can all see them live soon on May 30 when they are in town! They will be playing at one of our favorite venues, Small's, along with a stellar lineup, The Menzingers, Fake Problems and Captain We're Sinking. Tickets are $13 and it is an all ages show. However, we here at Hip In Detroit just love giving away tickets, so we are going to be giving away two tickets to this show. To enter all you have to do is email us at with your full name and 'I want to see Restorations' in the subject line. We'll draw the winner the morning of the show, so make sure to check your email that day!

To get us all pumped for the show, we thought we'd ask the band some questions. Guitarist Dave Klyman was nice enough to answer them for us. Check it out and make sure to enter to win a ticket so you can see them for free on May 30!

HipinDetroit- Tell us a little about the band. How long have you been together? How did you meet?

Dave- "Restorations started somewhere between 2008 and 2009 but I (Dave) have been playing music with Jon for what feels to be about a million years, give or take. Our previous band simply couldn't tour and exist as the unit it once was and this was our attempt to take a bit of a step back, not have touring in the equation, write some more relaxed music and tell some stories. We clearly didn't do too well at that because we are, releasing more loud records, and looking down the barrel of yet another tour. Our current lineup is rounded out by Ben, Dan, and Carlin, all of whom played in more or less like minded bands somewhere in the course of that same million years. We're a good hodgepodge of unlikely weirdos and goofballs that can somehow string a decent tune together."

HipinDetroit- How would you describe your music to someone that hasn't heard it before?

Dave- "Rock and/or roll with more overdrive and delay pedals."

HipinDetroit- Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Dave- "We're all over the musical map in terms of what we listen to and are influenced by. It really depends what mood you catch us in. Inspiration happens everyday whether you're paying conscious attention or not. The happenings surrounding a show or a trip to a record store might provide more inspirational content than the actual performance or record you wind up with."

HipinDetroit- You released a new album called LP2 last month. Tell us a bit about how it came together.

Dave- "It came together in our cramped and usually overheated practice space. LP2, like our other records, is a result of the five of us throwing ideas at each other like spaghetti strands till something sticks. Somehow, the results of our previous spaghetti slinging (Restorations, 2011) found their way to the good folks at Side One Dummy in sunny CA and they said, “We're in a gamblin' sort of mood, so let's do a new record together!” So here we are now.

HipinDetroit- You guys are about go on an awesome summer tour with The Menzingers. What else is in store for Restorations in the future?

Dave- "Nothing concrete to speak of just yet. There's some awesome stuff in the works."

HipinDetroit- Have you ever been to Detroit before? If so, what was your favorite part? If not, what are you looking forward to seeing here?

Dave- "Never been to Detroit. We've seen some of the weirder parts of Michigan in our time, so maybe the city will be a bore? Or even crazier? We'll see."


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