Monday, May 6, 2013

Talkin' with Fred Mascherino of Terrible Things & Givin' Away Tickets Too!

This Friday there's a show at The Loving Touch that we are VERY excited about. Terrible Things are coming to town with their friends in Modern Suits and along side them will be Detroit's new power trio, Bastardous (featuring members of The Suicide Machines, Hi-Fi Handgrenades and Mest).

Terrible Things is the latest project from Fred Mascherino (previous member of Taking Back Sunday and The Color Fred). Since the band was first formed back in 2009, the line-up has changed a bit and so has the sound. Terrible Things is comprised of Fred (vocals/guitar), Aaron Van Allen (bass guitar/backing vocals) and Steve Curtiss (drums). The band recently released their second album Pre-Transmission that combines the musical styling that fans are used to with a bit of a classic rock influence. You can stream the entire album here or you can even see a "live" performance of the album on their website.

Being a long time fan of Fred and his music, I was honored to have the chance to ask him a few questions via e-mail. Here's what he had to say about Terrible Things, touring, and Detroit.

Hip In Detroit- Since the band's first album, the lineup has changed and the sound has changed a bit too. Why did you decide to stick with the band name Terrible Things rather than starting a new project?
Fred Mascherino- "This always just felt like Terrible Things. Terrible Things, to me, always had the vibe of a dirty rock band trying to play their asses off. So, I just wake up and try that everyday. I never really considered another name."

Hip In Detroit- Tell us about your newest album Pre-Transmission. What were some of your influences for this record?
Fred- "Pre-Transmission got into more of a classic rock feeling. Definitely Led Zeppelin on the music. I always liked how well Zeppelin combined loud stuff with acoustic parts. With the singing though, the songs sometimes feel more 90s."

Hip In Detroit- I read that you guys self released and even pressed this album yourself. Now you're doing your own website too. What has motivated you to take a more DIY approach with this project?
Fred- "It's liberating. I also recorded this and played all the instruments myself. I have a great band now and we don't have any middle-man. We just do what we want to, whenever it feels right."

Hip In Detroit- You've been a musician for quite a while now. What's one of your favorite memories or stories from being on the road and being in a band?
Fred- "My earliest tours were without cell phones or GPS. We had a map and some addresses. We were dumb kids and we got lost constantly. Stories that come to mind involve driving through blizzards in Colorado or our van getting hit by a car while we were all sleeping in it. At this point, being good at being on the road means avoiding danger. Breaking down is inevitable but breaking down in the desert could mean death (especially before cell-phones). I'm just glad I made it this far. I hope I never stop."

Hip In Detroit- Now that you're a little older and have a family, how is touring and being in a band different from when you first started out?
Fred- "I can't say I've grown up much. I had kids young so it's always been that same struggle of missing home and being there for the birthdays or sometimes not being there. My wife is a super-strong person and that's what holds it together."

Hip In Detroit- What is one thing you would tell someone that has never been to a Terrible Things show? Why should they come?
Fred- "I know some of you have seen me play in other bands but maybe haven't seen or heard this one yet. This is a band and a lineup that I am so stoked about. Aaron and Steve are great, super-positive dudes. The crowd always has fun. It's a big rock show and we throw in songs from those old bands too."

Hip In Detroit- What is one thing you would tell your loyal fans?
Fred- "I wish you all lived in one town so we could hang out more often! There's nothing I appreciate more than when someone understands what I'm trying to say in a song or when someone appreciates the littlest subtlety of a song. I live for that."

Hip In Detroit- Last, but not least, you've been to Detroit a few times now over the years. Any favorite places to visit while you are here?
Fred- "I'm usually just looking for the closest vegetarian food. I've always known Detroit and the surrounding areas to be a place for amazing shows. You people are way more supportive than 99% of the rest of the country. That's the reason we're coming up there!"

We'd like to thank Fred for taking time out to talk to us. And lucky for him there are plenty of vegetarian choices for him right by The Loving Touch.  We can't wait for Friday's show and we hope all of you are excited about it too! Doors will open at 8 p.m. and it's only $5 to get in, but you have to be 21+.

Since we want all of you to come out and party with us at this amazing show, and since our friend Brian Southall is super awesome, we are getting 10 of you in to this show for free! All you have to do to enter is tag yourself in the Terrible Things' show poster on our Facebook page here. It doesn't get much easier than that! We will be drawing the 10 lucky winners on Friday morning. So head on over and enter and make sure you tell your friends to enter too! Good luck!


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