Thursday, May 16, 2013

Get Your Comic On at Motor City Comic Con!

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Motor City Comic Con will be at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. This is the 24th year for Michigan's largest comic book convention, with over 250 people from the comic book industry and more than 40 actors and actresses participating in the event.

Amongst the long list of people to see at the convention this weekend, there were a few that popped out at us. First off, the legendary Stan Lee will be signing autographs on Saturday, which is pretty amazing. Advance tickets to meet with Stan are sold out, but there will be some available at his table. You probably want to get there early if you want to try to score one though!

Some others that stand out above the rest include Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), Micky Dolenz (The Monkees), David Della Rocco & Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints), the Grandpa from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (John Dugan), Edward James Olmos (all kinds of stuff, but more recently Dexter), Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong (Revenge of the Nerds) and Alex Winter (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure). There are a ton of other great ones on the list, which you can see here. As you can tell from our picks, we're bigger fans of the pop culture/media side of Comic Con than we are of the comic book side. For the list of Comic professionals (writers, artists, etc.) go here.

One major thing to keep in mind if you plan on going to the Motor City Comic Con is that there is an extra fee to get an autograph from most guests. Sometimes there's even a photo fee and an autograph fee. So plan on bringing some extra $$$ if you want to meet a lot of celebrities! Actual tickets to get in to the convention are available online here or at the door for $25 for one day or $60 for a 3 day pass. Buying tickets ahead of time will save you a few bucks. Motor City Comic Con runs Friday from 12:30-7 p.m., Saturday from 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday from 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m. For all of the detail on this year's show visit Make sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page too for updates throughout the weekend!


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