Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time Travelin' In Toronto with Fordirelifesake, The Swellers and The Fullblast

If you grew up in the Metro-Detroit area and you were into music from 1999 to the present, you have likely heard of a little gem called Fordirelifesake. This band defined my twenties, as well as Christie’s, and changed my life. I met one of my best friends, Angie Mcbride (Peace Love Spandex), at a show during the blowout at Tight Fittin' Jeans when I was only 18 years old. Years later, when they changed bassists, I met what would become one of my lifelong friends, Ryan Podlubny, when he moved to Detroit to join the band. From 1999 until just a few years ago, if this band played, I was there. Period. So, when I heard they were playing a reunion show under the fake name Fat Dirty Love Snakes, I knew that I had to be there and cover the show for all those that love this band as much as I do. 

The lineup was pure gold. The Swellers, Fordirelifesake and The Fullblast all playing in the same place for one magical night. The show was at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto, Canada and tickets sold out in under 5 minutes. 
The Swellers got it started and showed the crowd why they are touring around the world. They are amazing musicians who have mastered their instruments and know how to entertain a crowd. I have always loved watching Ryan Collins shred on his guitar while he defies gravity jumping around. Check out their latest release “Good For Me”. 
Fordirelifesake sounded better than I remembered. Justin is a better drummer now than he ever was, Wedge can sing like no other and what Eric Kempa can do with a guitar is still mind blowing when you see it in person. These songs, that were written so many years ago, still hold up. It says a lot about B South and his mastery of music. Dave and Pud shared the duty of playing bass (Ryan for only one song) and really looked like they were having a great time.

Finally, The Fullblast got up and did what they do best. They played fast music and got the room moving. The bass player who now plays in a band called A Wilhelm Scream, was so entertaining to watch. He is one of the best bass players I have ever seen and he's funny and animated on stage. The room was literally shaking from the music and the movement as they played an almost 2 hour set. I went nuts when I heard the words “all i need is a jetpack and roller skates”. So many memories!
We were able to get you pictures and videos of the whole thing. Sorry if they're a little shaky, but you go up front at a reunion show of this caliber and see how steady you can stand! Remember to check out the newer projects of these talented musicians including Hellmouth, The Company We Keep, A Wilhelm Scream, The A-Gang and Scorned Deity


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