Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey! It's The HandGrenades!

Friday night Christie and I ventured down to the Magic Stick to see The HandGrenades show with The High Strung, The Future Laureates and Jesse Shepherd-Bates. Last year, we had The HandGrenades on a show we work on at our day job, and we loved them. Sadly, the only times we had seen them live before the other night were on our show and when they played as the High Strung earlier this year. So we were pretty excited to finally see them do a regular show and of course they did not disappoint and are great live. They really have a way of making all the girls dance and scream...
Speaking of The High Strung, they also put on a great show. Earlier this year, I had the chance to interview Josh Malerman and I was really excited to finally see these guys play a show, too!
We were also looking forward to seeing the nice guys in The Future Laureates, but unfortunately just missed them because of a work commitment. I highly recommend checking them out, though. They are from Chicago, but I'm sure they'll be back around here soon! And while you're at it, check out Jesse Shepherd-Bates who also played that night.

It was a good night of good bands that we've been wanting to see for awhile! Definitely keep an eye out for The HandGreanades. They have had a busy year and I'm sure they will have even more shows coming up soon! Oh, and good effort to the kid introducing the bands and making jokes! And a big thank you to Melissa Rowe as always!


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