Tuesday, September 25, 2012

While You Were Sleeping...The Suicide Machines Played The Toepfer House

Tonight there was yet ANOTHER awesome show at the Toepfer House. It was a benefit for Planned Parenthood with a bunch of great bands.

Break Anchor played an amazing set as always. The only other band we happened to catch was Cheapshow. They were pretty awesome and we believe the singer was one of the owners of the house...and he has a padawan tail. 
One band that you're going to kick yourself in the ass for missing tonight is THE SUICIDE MACHINES. That's right, they played a basement show, and you missed it. Sorry for your luck. Guess you should listen to us from now on! Or better yet, listen to Break Anchor and to the dudes in the band!

Here is a video and a couple pictures from the show. We know they aren't the best, but we're sure you'll understand. It was a basement show. With The Suicide Machines. You've seen them at places as big as The Majestic and you know how crazy it is, so picture that in a tiny ass basement.
We know, worst videos ever, but hey, better than nothing!

Thanks to all the bands for playing a show for such a great cause and thanks to the Toepfer House for opening their doors as always to all of us crazy drunks.


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