Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why Do We Always Drink So Much When We're At The Loving Touch?

Thursday night was a lot of fun. We watched a few really good bands, saw every boy Christie has ever had a crush on and we got to play with a new camera (as you can see we need to learn how to use it still, sorry Down Down Down).
Anyways, back to the bands. Down Down Down was really good, Break Anchor was awesome as always and Against the Grain was even more bad ass than we remembered. We got a chance to talk with Ben and Jake from Down Down Down, 2 of the nicest dudes ever! Here is what they had to say and a song from their set. 


Keep an eye on Down Down Down's Facebook, I'm sure they'll have more shows coming up soon. Against The Grain is out on tour for awhile, but Break Anchor is playing the Toepfer House Monday night for a show to benefit Planned Parenthood. Check out the Toepfer House's Facebook for more info.


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