Friday, September 7, 2012

The Real Fullblast And Grade Reunion Show

After seeing The Fullblast kill it at Sneaky Dee’s on Friday night, Ryan Podlubny invited Matt and me to drive 45 minutes outside of Toronto on Saturday night to see the real Fullblast reunion show in Guelph, Canada. 

This show was called “The Final Sellout” and was a reunion for not only The Fullblast, but one of my all time favorite bands Grade. Thanks to the kindness of my old friend, we were able to attend the sold out show and get some better pictures of The Fullblast for our readers. I wasn't able to get any of Grade, partly because I didn't have the approval to do so, but mostly because the crowd was moving around so hard that I wasn't able to get very close with my new foot tattoo completely exposed and getting kicked. 
The Fullblast have ingrained themselves in my head as one of my all time favorite bands. Seeing them two days in a row only strengthened that love. 

The chance to see Grade with the original lineup was like a dream come true. The album Under the Radar has always been a favorite of mine. When they played the opening track of the album for the first time ever live, I was ready to cry and dance all at the same time. “This is a time in my life where everything is falling apart, and at the same time it's all coming together. Those summer days that I longed for never really were what I wanted them to be”- lyrics that meant a lot to me when I was younger somehow meant a lot more to me as an adult. 

Moneen and Belvedere also put on great shows, but in my opinion, Fullblast and Grade were the main attractions for the night. Check out our photos and videos will be up as soon as we can finish editing them. Thanks again Ryan for getting us into such a magical event! 


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