Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hot Water Music This Friday!

I don't know what Ramona and Sarah at Black Iris Booking have been doing to get the best bands to play in Detroit lately, but I like it! This time they booked a show for September 14th (my birthday!) at The Magic Stick that will knock your socks off. Hot Water Music is playing with one of my favorite, up and coming, local bands, Nice Hooves. This is going to be a night of fun that you will not want to miss!

Hot Water Music was formed in 1993 in Gainesville, Florida and they have recently released their 8th album Exister. This album was a long time coming because in 2006 the band took a break and fans were unsure if they would ever be putting out new material again. In August 2011, they put out a 7" called “The Fire, The Steel, The Tread” and it motivated them to finally get in the studio and begin writing and recording again. They spent 21 days in the studio and recorded 20 songs, 13 of which ended up on the album.

Nice Hooves is a local, up and coming band that you will be hearing about sooner or later. I encourage you to get out and see them before you're the last person on the bandwagon. Dave Graw is the local legend that fronted Bang Bang at sold out shows across town a few years ago. He was known for his onstage antics and amazing voice. I love watching him play drums in Isosceles Mountain, but there is something amazing that happens when he sings. 

The show starts at 7 p.m. on Friday and is $20 in advance or $22 at the door. I have a feeling that this one will sell out early, so get your tickets in advance. Don't forget, you can buy me a shot of whiskey and give me a spanking at the show to help me celebreate being 25 again! Way to go Black Iris for booking what I expect to be an amazing night.


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