Monday, September 10, 2012

"Kids Get Away"

It's always fun to get into something before everyone else does. It's fun to be the person who can say you saw them when they played the side stage at a festival or in the back of a local record shop before they were selling out Saint Andrews or even The Palace
For a few weeks now I have been trying to get you in on the ground floor for one of my new favorite local acts, Jamaican Queens. I have seen them perform a few times around town and we even got the chance to interview them at the Crofoot Ballroom a few weeks ago. Now, here is your chance to sign on to bandcamp and pick up their first single, "Kids Get Away", which will be available at midnight on September 11!
I have played a few songs for friends when they have been driving with me lately and every person has asked who we were listening to and commented about how much they liked it while we were listening. I have no doubt that in just a few short months, this band will be the talk of the town and I will be left saying, “I told you so!”

Please note that Jamaican Queens are playing for free this Saturday at The Loving Touch at MIDNIGHT. I will be there celebrating and watching the show. Please come out and hang with Hip In Detroit and see this amazing band before it’s too late! 


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