Thursday, September 13, 2012

See Joan Rivers Live This Friday!

The woman, the myth and the legend that is Joan Rivers is coming to Warren this week. I am in the middle of reading her latest book "I Hate Everyone... Starting with Me" and if is she is as funny in person as she is on paper then we are all in for treat.

Joan Rivers has been a working comedian since the 60’s and somehow she has stayed relevant while most of her age have either faded into obscurity or died. Through the last 50 years, the suicide of her former husband and an uncountable amount of plastic surgeries, she has made new groups of people laugh at her, pop culture and the world around them. No one can wear a boa or a sparkly top quite as well as Joan Rivers and no one is better at putting a funny twist on what others are wearing. She is the queen of mean when it comes to the red carpet.

She has conquered the Carson show, the entertainment world and even reality TV, but seeing her live at Andiamo's on Friday is the way to see her do what she does best. Joan doesn't bring notes on stage and she is not known for repeating a set from city to city. At almost 80 years old, she is sharper and more relevant than ever.

Tickets for this show are available at and range from $25-$75 a piece. I will be there celebrating my birthday with 6 of my closest friends. I hope to see you there laughing with us.


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