Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Betsey's Back!

This past weekend I got some great news from my sister! There's yet another store that I can buy Betsey Johnson gear at! Unfortunately, it's not at her own, cute, little hot pink shops. Sadly, they're still closed. Instead, you can now purchase Betsey's "Betseyville" line at your local JCPenney! Probably the best part about this is that all of the merchandise is super affordable, even more so than the "Betseyville" line has been in the past.

After checking out the collection online, I ran over to the Penney's at Lakeside Mall yesterday to see the goods for myself. Tons of cute stuff! The department store is carrying shoes, boots, pajamas, bags, tights, leggings, jewelery, scarves and other accessories. Oh yeah, did I mention... it's cheap! 

The bags were all pretty cute and ranged from about $30-$60. Most were some sort of cloth, but there were some that were faux leather. Some were a little younger looking, but the large totes would be great for overnight bags! There's also a wide variety of pajamas, including hooded robes that are only $35 and look super comfy! 

My favorite selection was definitely in the shoe department though. Although the shoes are all priced affordably, ranging from $35-$65, they still seem to be really good quality and classic Betsey style. There are
even knee high boots for $65! And they're cute! That's a steal regardless of the name slapped on the sole! 

Overall, I liked the selection the store had. I picked up a pair of cute black flats with spikes on the toe, which I'm sure you will catch me wearing all of the time now. Some of the accessories weren't quite as cute as I would have liked, but others were way nicer than I expected. I will say, the jewelry was all quite disappointing though. Quite chincy and maybe even a little tacky. It definitely seemed to be geared towards younger shoppers. Luckily, many other department stores still carry the regular Betsey Johnson jewelry!

In addition to the new "Betseyville" line, JCPenney has added some other brands that you might not expect to see there. It's all part of the new look they are going for. You can now find Buffalo clothing and a line by Cosmopolitan in their stores, as well as mini Sephora and a Levi's "shops" within the department store. I was really excited to see them featuring Levi's after they closed most if not all of their store fronts this year! This small little shop was super organized (unlike the Levi's section at some other stores) and also priced fairly well. (The Levi Leggings were regularly priced at $35, usually that's the sale price at other stores!)

All in all, the "Betseyville" line and the other additions to JCPenney are a great reason to go into a store that you normally might pass up unless you were buying a gift for Grandma.


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