Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Punk Rock, Wrestling and Bump-N-Uglies This Friday Night!

Have you ever been watching a punk rock show and thought to yourself, “I wish there was a little wrestling mixed into this music”. Well if you have, you're kind of weird, but in luck because you would likely enjoy going to see the Bump-N-Uglies play this Friday at the Corktown Tavern. This band is a Detroit legend. Their shows have been known to get crazy and are always a good time. When I was reading their Facebook page, I found tons of old fliers for shows that I can remember being at years ago. It reminded me of how great seeing at this band was. I remember thinking why do these guys wear leopard print jackets and wrestle each other?Also why am i enjoying it so much? I finally got the chance to ask Amado from the Bump-N-Uglies these questions and many more.

Hip In Detroit - Would you consider your show this Friday a reunion show? 
Amado - "We never broke up. Bubba and Josh were wrestling around the local and midwest indy circuit (as the Bump-N-Uglies) and that started to pick up steam. Around the same time, Tony and I had started Bill Bondsmen and brought Rob (who plays in the Uglies as well) on board and what started as sort of a side band took on a life of it's own. Bubba and The Josh also played in a band called Casket Bastards. Every couple years or so, when the stars align the right way and we reconvene and play a show. Sometimes it's for a good cause (ex: The Dave K Memorial show, The Benefit for Jeff G after he got hurt) and sometimes it's for the hell of it. This time it's the latter."

Hip In Detroit - How long have you guys been playing together?
Amado - "Bump-N-Uglies played their first show in 1995. I joined in 96 after my band that had played quite a few shows with the Uglies split up. Around the same time their original singer Spaghetti left town so Bubba became the lead singer and I played 2nd guitar. As time went on I handled some vocals and got to write a good chunk of songs. It's pretty easy to get back into the swing with these guys. In fact, our first practice back was pretty painless. It helps that everyone still plays semi-regularly. And Rob's the Oates to my Hall."

Hip In Detroit - Do you have a favorite memory from previous shows?
Amado - "Man...there are quite a few I don't think I can name just one. There was a time in Cleveland where we had our friend planted in the crowd heckling and then attacking Bubba. The Clevelanites didn't know it was a work so they proceeded to jump our friend and give him a whooping. We then had to drop our instruments and save him and the brawl went all the way into the street. While this was happening, some older hippie couple took it upon themselves to get onstage and have jam session. There's also the time we played at a record store and had someone jump off the roof onto us (the cops got called for that). Then later on when we stacked 2 tables together and, set them ablaze .Finally we threw someone through em at the State Theatre. We were told that we'd never play there again (they were right haha)."

Hip In Detroit - Can fans expect anything special on Friday?
Amado - "We'll have a surprise or 2 up our sleeves. Obviously, Corktown's a very small space so there won't be too much bedlam, but we won't leave you hangin...."

Hip In Detroit
-Why the fur coats in all the old pictures?
Amado - "The coats and all were part of the gimmick. We were at the heels of the Detroit punk scene. Thumbing our noses at them. Obviously, most of Detroit were in on the joke because we had a very good run and were friends with most of if not all the punk bands in Detroit. It also gave you something to look at. I mean c'mon!! We're beautiful, right? Ask to see my BMC tattoo..."

Hip In Detroit - How would you describe the Bump-N-Uglies to someone who never saw you?
Amado - "A Bump-n-Uglies show back in the day was like total bedlam set to a 4/4 beat. Blood, barbed wire, broken tables, broken strings and when it was over you got your $5 worth. Now there's probably a little less blood and gore, but you're still getting your $7 worth (hey...inflation). I'd kinda compare it to the bar scene in the movie Gremlins where they're just going off and getting blitzed."

See the Bump-N-Uglies with The Amazing Larries, Deliberate Abuse and Public Sex this Friday at the Corktown Tavern (1716 Michigan Ave, Detroit). The show starts at 9 and its only $7 at the door.


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