Friday, September 7, 2012

Break Anchor & Destroy This Place At The Blue Collar Bash

After being disappointed at Arts, Beats & Eats on Saturday with how expensive everything was and how crazy crowded it was, we made our way down to Hamtramck on Labor Day for the Blue Collar Bash. I keep forgetting how awesome Hamtramck and it's bars are! The bash was much less packed which made for way less stress, the food and beer was affordable and the bands were good! They also had a carnival and games and Christie won a little, yellow monkey, even if she didn't technically win the game!
A couple of our favorite bands, Break Anchor and Destroy This Place, braved the heat on Labor Day to play and put on a hell of a show as usual. Sadie was able to get video of one of Break Anchor's songs:

If you missed out this year, definitely make sure to head down there next Labor Day and get some pierogies and kielbasa!


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