Monday, July 2, 2012

B's Teeth on Under The Gun!

There are a lot of musicians doing big things in the Detroit area. However, there are some that are moving a little faster than others. One of the bands that is on the fast track is The Summer Pledge.
Photo Credit: Joe Gall

It seems like we have been talking about these guys quite a bit lately. We first met up with them during The Blowout. Then, in the spring, we told you about their awesome new album, "Vessels". Well, now that The Summer Pledge is back from tour, they are doing big things again! Not that a pretty wide spread U.S. tour wasn't a big thing. The band is getting ready to release a music video for their song, "B's Teeth", Track 6 from "Vessels". 

The video was made by the guys at Cabin 44. They have worked with quite a few great bands in the past, including Squid the Whale and Bahamut. Now, making a music video sounds pretty great on it's own. But, I'm sure some of you out there are thinking, "Big deal. My band has a music video too..." Well, The Summer Pledge, being the overachievers that they are, aren't satisfied with just posting this video on Facebook for their friends and fans to see. Instead, the video is premiering on Under The Gun Review, a website that features music and film news and reviews. With thousands of readers everyday, branching out to all corners of the world, premiering The Summer Pledge's video on this site is a pretty big accomplishment. 

We just wanted to say a quick, "Congrats" to the guys and let you all know that you should keep your eyes out for this release! The video is set to premier on Thursday, July 5th. So while you are nursing your 4th of July hangover, surf on over to to see what the guys from The Summer Pledge and Cabin 44 came up with! We're definitely looking forward to it! 

The Summer Pledge also has a show coming up this Friday, July 6th at The Trumbullplex with Ganon and Telecollision. Quite a wide mix of music that night! So we're sure there is something for everyone! This All Ages Show starts at 7 p.m. and is only $6.


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