Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Chance For Every Girl Who Ever Loved "In Living Color" To Finally Become A Fly Girl

I've been telling you about the talent, style, music and swagger of my favorite brown boy from Flint, Tunde Olaniran for a few months now. If you're smart you have been listening, checking out the videos, interviews and information that we have been sharing with you. If you have been watching, you know that he is a unique person that has great style, dancers and ideas.
Well here's the latest news- he is taking all that creative talent and style out and making a music video this Saturday. The coolest part about this is that you can show up and be part of it!

Saturday July 21st at the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue (1457 Griswold, Detroit), Tunde is filming the music video for his song "Brown Boy."

He is looking for extras to be part of the shoot. He is looking for people who love to dance, love fashion and people with unique style. You do not need to be trained to dance, but if you are he would love to hear from you in advance. Tunde would like you to put on your highest heels, most embellished jackets and sexiest stuff to be part of this experience. The only restriction is no logos baby, he can't afford to buy the rights to that shit (someday!)!

The shoot is planned from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. This should be a fun chance to see how this stuff is filmed, meet some great people and be a part of an amazing artists musical future.  

Hope to see you there!


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