Sunday, July 22, 2012

If You Like Metal, You Should be Listening to this Band!

Scorned Deity is truly a hidden gem in the Detroit music scene, especially if you like metal. Because this band can best be described as fucking metal. This band has been around for years now, stemming from guitarist and musical master mind, Eric Kempa. Most of you probably know Eric from his days in Fordirelifesake. So you know he's a pretty talented guy, to say the least. This project further displays his musical prowess along with that of his amazing band mates. Scorned Deity's lineup has changed and evolved over the years to it's current line-up of Eric Kempa (Guitars, Keys, Vocals), Brian Sheehan (Vocals), Zach Scholts (Drums), Robert Plante (Bass) and Jason Tountas (Guitars).

I must admit, it has been a few years since I have made it out to a Deity show. They somehow fell off my radar. However, this week I was sucked back in when the band released a new music video for their song "The Alteration of Mankind". Here it is!

Scorned Deity has a new album coming out this fall. They currently have a full length album available called "The Monarchy Memoirs". You can pick it up through CD Baby or Big Cartel or you can listen to it here. We will definitely make sure to keep our eyes on Scorned Deity from now on and hopefully we can meet up with them soon and bring you some more coverage of this amazing band! 


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