Monday, July 23, 2012

Don't Miss The Boat!

It's time to get on the boat because the line up that played at The Shelter in Detroit on Saturday night is on its way out to sea! Each one of these bands is bursting with talent, style and a one of a kind sound that I think will take them places near and far. As I watched each group perform, I couldn't help but think that I was watching the beginning of something big. My only regret is that most of you missed the show and most likely a once in a lifetime chance to see a lineup this good at such a small venue.
Jamaican Queens is a new band that has just started playing out. They are a solid three piece that plays music loud and deep. By deep I mean that you can feel the bass inside of you while they play. I really loved what I saw, so I took a video to share with you during their set. Please give it a look. It's better than any words that I could conjure up. They are playing August 2nd with Tune-Yards at The Crofoot in Pontiac. It is worth your time and money not to miss that show.

Next up was The Summer Pledge. We have been following them for awhile and every time we catch a performance we remember why we keep tooting their horn. They're fucking good. Their new record Vessels is out now and they have began touring for it. They play well together and have great instrumental sequences in their music, which I really enjoy.

Bars of Gold raised the bar for the night when they stepped on stage. No one plays and performs like they do. The energy that they put out to the crowd got me all excited inside and I wanted to burst. Jumping from mic to mic, holding guitars in the air over their heads and pounding drums with fists are just some of the stunts they pull off while never missing a note. They are true stage performers, making their live show something not to be missed.

The Company We Keep was the headliner and crescendo to an already successful night. This is one of the last two dates for this tour, which will finish up in Chicago on Sunday night. Singer Amy Meeko was excited that friends and family were in attendance for the show and was full of energy as she bounced around stage and performed. I have been a fan of guitar player Brian Southall's previous projects, so I was not surprised that I enjoyed this band. TCWK has been creating a buzz in each city that they have been to, a buzz that I feel is only going to grow louder with each passing month.

We thank all the bands that performed for letting us inside to take pictures and enjoy! Please keep checking back to find out where they are performing in the future and make sure that you check out each bands music and get on the boat before you're the only one left at shore.


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