Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It Was A Hot Weekend Full Of Pigs, Whiskey and Music

What a weekend! Summer in Detroit is in full swing and the humidity has been turned up full blast this year. At all the local festivals there has been no shortage of poofy hair, melting makeup and sweet sweat lines. Pig and Whiskey has come and gone, and now all that is left is the faint smell of pig, spilled beer and memories of another funky weekend.  

Ferndale hosted the 3-day festival for the second time this year. The crowds were bigger, the temps were higher and the music was louder. I had a wonderful time watching bands and attending the after parties held at the Loving Touch each night. The weather made it very difficult to stay outside in the smokey bbq pit that was Ferndale for the weekend. I personally kept going into the WAB and the Loving Touch to get drinks and cool down throughout the weekend.  
I thought Child Bite and The Hard Lessons put on a great show Sunday night and Electric 6 closed out the weekend in only the way they can. We finally got a chance to interview The Hard Lessons (Augie and Korin that is) and learn more about this band that is about to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.  

I really love Ferndale, whiskey and festivals, but as always I have a few complaints. Wait! We will call them recommendations for next year. First of all you cannot charge $5 for that small of a whiskey shot. Either drop it to three or give me the full pour. It would not hurt to have some mixers for the whiskey either. Not everyone can drink it James Bond style on the rocks. The food is good, if you like bbq, if you don't you have to go elsewhere (unless you want corn or mac and cheese). It wouldn't hurt to invite Anita's Kitchen or Imperial over to cook up some vegetarian and vegan friendly options. Finally, don't book the biggest musical lineup of the weekend on a Sunday! Saturday and Sundays lineups should have been reversed!  

Overall we had a great time and got some pictures and video to share with you. Look, watch, and enjoy!
Remember, DIY Festival is only two months away on September 14-16! We get to do this all over again!



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