Monday, July 16, 2012

I Might Be A Little Tipsy, But This Is The Best Thing I've Ever Had!

Over a year ago now I remember reading an article about how the owner of Union Woodshop (and a few other things) had bought the old Vinsetta Garage and had plans of turning it into a restaurant. After reading the article I got so excited! I love cool, eclectic places like it sounded like it would be and, if I remember correctly, it was supposed to open last year around Dream Cruise time. Sadly, Dream Cruise came and went and the doors on Vinsetta Garage were still closed. I have been, not so patiently, awaiting the opening of this restaurant for over a year now, and I finally got a chance to go the other day with Christie, even though they opened a little while ago. Let me tell you, this place was well worth the wait!
As soon as you walk into Vinsetta Garage, you realize it's easily the coolest looking restaurant around. The host area in in what was obviously the office/cashier of the garage and there are all sorts of mechanic and garage influenced decorations everywhere. Even the cooks wear mechanics shirts! Now, I don't want you to start thinking that it's a super cheesy restaurant and the garage thing goes too far, because it definitely doesn't. It's done just right. The bathroom floor is even pretty cool made, entirely of pennies! 
I could go on and on about what the place looked like, but what matters most is the food. And the booze. The food was amazing. I ordered the lamburger, which was complete with beets, tzatziki sauce, feta (once I hear feta, I'm sold) and I don't even remember what else because I ate it too damn fast and couldn't get enough of it. I also ordered a side of the famous and delicious mac 'n cheese. You definitely cannot go wrong with that. Christie ordered one of their more interesting sounding pies- the loaded potato pie. Basically it's the perfect marriage of potato skins and pizza. To me, that sounds disgusting.  To Christie it was heaven. Despite my initial thoughts, I tasted the pizza and it was indeed tasty. They mainly have mac 'n cheese, different types of burgers and pizzas, but one side of the menu is dedicated to their pasta and a few different types of meatballs that I will have to try sometime. The food prices are pretty average. The most expensive thing on the menu was probably $15 or so.
Now, the booze. From what I could tell, they have only Michigan beers on tap, and you can never go wrong with that! However, the real winner in the booze department had to be the fact that they have whiskey on tap, too! There was Jim Beam, Red Stag and I think one other option. If you have only had whiskey from a bottle before, you are missing out. 
So, if you couldn't tell by now, we liked Vinsetta Garage a LOT. If you were sitting near Christie and I during our meal you would have heard our constant remarks of, "OH MY GOD this is SO good!" and, "I don't want this to be over!" You probably would have given us weird looks at first, but then realized that we were right. They have been really busy, so plan ahead or try to go during the day when they are less busy. 

We recommend everyone try it, even vegetarians can find some delicious sounding items on their menu! We will definitely be frequenting the place and we hope to see you there!


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