Friday, July 6, 2012

Zombies in Detroit?

There is a new idea making it's way around Detroit, and the internet, about what to do with all of the desolate land that Detroit sadly has an abundance of. I have to say, I feel like this idea would only come from a Detroiter, and could only work in Detroit. It's just that crazy.

Mark Siwak is an entrepreneur that wants to create a 'zombie themed experience park' called Z World that is aimed at transforming a neglected section of Detroit into a real life zombie game. Apparently people who choose to participate in the experience will be chased by a growing horde of the walking dead through abandoned factories, stores and homes. I think it's safe to say that that is everyone's idea of a good time! Of course there would not be any weapons used, but it still sounds a bit scary.
I'm still a bit undecided on whether this is a good idea or not. Being chased by real-life zombies, overnight, in an abandoned part of Detroit seems a little bit sketchy to me. And it sounds like the City of Detroit is not exactly on board yet either. Using a zombie-themed park to bring attention to the city sort of seems like it's just exploiting the reputation that Detroit already has and is trying to get away from. However, I think the original idea behind all of this is exactly what Detroit needs- some radical ideas on how to transform all of the potential that Detroit has to offer into something great. 

Whether Z World actually happens or not, it's a decent step in the right direction. Siwak cites the Heidelberg Project as inspiration, and I guess in theory it is kind of a similar idea. They both want to help out the neighborhoods surrounding the areas they are/would be in, which is of course great. So, if it happens, it could be pretty interesting and could potentially turn Detroit into a sort of destination and create jobs. And that is always a plus for the city! 

Z World is only in the planning stages, but they are trying to raise some money to get it going for real. You can go here and donate to the project if you want. They have a goal of $145,000 (and already have over $5,000) that would be used to buy a large piece of land, wall it off and create the infrastructure needed to run the game. They will only receive the funds if they raise at least their total amount by August 10. I suggest that in addition to buying the land, they might want to invest in a new logo as well. Maybe something a little more exciting and zombie-like. 

I wish Siwak luck with his endeavor. It's definitely an interesting idea and no one else has the balls for it! We will be keeping an eye on the progress and I for one will have to check it out if something does come of Z World. I mean, come on, it'd be like a huge, crazy haunted house but without the mummies, right? In the meantime, I don't know why but now I feel the need to watch zombie movies...


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