Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The New Place to go for All of Your Tatttoo, Piercing & Jewelry Needs!

Hip In Detroit is really bringing you the latest and greatest this city has to offer. There is no shortage of businesses that we love to frequent and share with you. But, this time we are telling you about the new place to be before the doors even open! We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the soon to be open Ironclad Tattoo Co. in Troy.

The space is huge and beautiful, complete with hard wood floors, clean walls, individual rooms for piercing and tattooing and the largest, high quality jewelry selection that I have ever seen! Ironclad is located on Rochester Rd. just South of 17 Mile on the West side of the road. This convenient location means it is very easy for everyone to get to via I-75. One of the owners of this amazing new shop is our friend Mike Moore.

I have known Mike for awhile now and he has told me many times that he could get me some great, new jewelry for my ears, which are gauged. I should have listened to him and taken him up on his offer to help me find something I liked because when I went into the shop to interview him this week, it changed my life.

I have had plugs since I was about 13 years old. It took me years to slowly stretch my ears from size to size. And when I found the size I wanted, I bought some wooden plugs that kind of looked like leopard print and I have been wearing those same earrings for almost 10 years! I am an accessories girl. So wearing the same earrings for 10 years was a little weird. While I don't regret stretching my ears, I have missed being able to buy and wear different earrings. 

After this week, that is no longer a problem. Mike hooked me up with a great pair of triangle shaped earrings that look like real earrings. He also ordered me pyramid style plugs in tiger's eye, an amazing stone that reflects gold and black in the light. He changed my earrings for me and he changed my life. 

There is a whole new world of ways to accessorize your piercings that I was unaware of. After checking out their great jewelry selection, Mike was kind enough to talk to us about the shop and what he does for a living. He is full of knowledge and he makes you feel calm and comfortable when you're working with him. From ear weights to real gold accessories, he is single handedly changing piercing. Check out his interview and make sure to swing by the new shop for all your piercing and tattoo needs! We plan to be visiting very often! Congrats on the opening and what we think will be a fun and prosperous future!

~S (with B&C)

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