Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It's Your Show Travis Wright Just Wants to Host It

At the beginning of the year Travis Wright announced that he would be leaving WDET. The radio host began his time at WDET as the host of "All Things Considered" in 2011 and was currently co-hosting the show "Cultural Shift". During his time with the station he established himself as the go to person for all things arts, culture, politics, and music that Detroit has to offer. Whenever I would catch one of his broadcasts, I was always impressed by his ability to interview a variety of different types of guests. It was truly a shock to hear that he was leaving the station. So many of us were asking, what's next and we finally have the answer.

Travis has decided to take an entirely new approach to covering the City of Detroit. He wants to try something that no one else has ever done before, but he needs your help to do it. Basically, Travis wants to create a DIY Pop-Up Talk Show that can take place anywhere in Detroit. This broadcast will feature a variety of guests, including people who happen to be in the area when he decides to film the show. He will be exercising his interviewing chops to the max by interviewing anyone that at comes his way. By doing so, he hopes to showcase an unknown and unseen side of Detroit that no one has had the ability to capture to date. We have to say, if anyone can do this, it is him. He has the skills and the knowledge to explore our city and learn more in an interesting and honest way.  Here's the pitch:

We know that we would love to see this project get funded! If you agree, you can help! Just click here to vote for this project to be considered for a grant that would fund the start of this project. You can also vote once a day, so if you really want to help make a pledge, log on and give Travis a vote every day until the campaign is closed. We think that this is a really cool idea and a a step in the right direction for Travis, plus we miss hearing him talk about the city that we love. We can't wait until we can once again get the scoop from Mr. Wright! 


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