Thursday, April 13, 2017

Berserker IV Feature - Sweat

Kicking things off in the Vernor's Room on Saturday night is Flint, Michigan's own Sweat. You may have seen this trio at this year's Hamtramck Music Festival or even opening for Oathbreaker last week at El Club. This band is best described in their own words. "We create a lot of sound, but we're dynamic too. Not always JUST loud. We play hard. We play dark. Shrill." Check out the music video for their song "Hema" below and give their some of their music a listen here.

HID- What two words best describe your band?
Sweat- "Loud & Gloomy"

HID- Why should people check out your set at Berserker?
Sweat- "Why not"

HID- What’s the best part about playing a fest like this?
Sweat- "Getting to hear a variety of music."

HID- Are you looking forward to checking out any of the other bands on the fest?
Sweat- "Yes"

HID- For those Berserker goers that might not have heard your band before, name one of your songs that they should definitely check out.
Sweat- "Our Latest single, "Mantra," which is on the Berserker sampler."

HID- The lineup for this year’s Berserker is pretty epic. If you could have any four bands headline a fest, who would you pick?
Sweat- "Elliot Smith, Radiohead, The Mars Volta (w/ John Theodore), & Jimi Hendrix"

HID- When you’re out on tour, what are three things that you must have with you.
Sweat- "Money, Coffee, Cookies"

HID- What else should people know before they check out your band at Berserker?
Sweat- "Bring Earplugs and an extra shirt."

Tickets for Berserker are available for $60 for the whole weekend or $40 per day. You can pick yours up in advance here or at the local businesses listed below.

Check out the full schedule of bands playing Berserker IV and set times below. 


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