Monday, April 3, 2017

Skating as a Cross Cultural Platform at The Fisher Building

The Fisher Building was was designed by Albert Kahn and it was constructed in 1928. The Detroit skyscraper is 30 stories high and it is primarily made out of limestone, granite, and several types of marble. Inside you can find a variety of businesses as well as 21 elevators and a theatre that holds around 2,000 people every showing. In a few weeks it will become the location for the next Flint Eastwood album release party. But, before it becomes a concert venue it will become the host to The Fisher Halfpipe a pop up half pipe that will be located inside the lobby for the next three days.

The half pipe will host a variety of skaters and BMX riders from 6 p.m. through 9 p.m. today, tomorrow and Wednesday. The purpose of this pop up is to highlight the, "way that certain sports, such as skateboarding, transcend barriers of race, class, and culture to draw disparate groups into community".

This community event is free to attend all three days. Feel free to come down and watch the skaters or to take some unique pictures as the Fisher provides an interesting background for this type of sport.

The Fisher Theatre is located at 3011 West Grand Boulevard.


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