Friday, April 14, 2017

Berserker IV Feature - GWAR

The most anticipated band on this year's Berserker is GWAR! This band truly is out of this world and is the act that everyone is the most excited about, including us. Their live show is full of blood, guts, and body parts. They have been legends in the rock world for years, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

GWAR will be headlining Berserker and hitting the stage in The Crofoot Ballroom on Saturday night at 11:30. The fact that this band is playing this event is fucking amazing and shows how bad ass this fest is. In four short years, Shawn and Veronica have built this DIY underground fest up to what it is today and have one of the biggest metal bands in the entire universe headlining. We're pretty fucking stoked to say the least, and we're pretty sure that the rest of Detroit and Berserker goers are right there with us. Check out a couple GWAR videos to get you ready for this weekend, then read ahead to see what Pustulus Maximus had to say in response to our Berserker questions.

HID- What two words best describe your band?
Pustulus Maximus of GWAR- "Fucking sweet"

HID- Why should people check out your set at Berserker?
Pustulus Maximus of GWAR- "What else would you do? We're the only ones that will make people die during our show."

HID- What’s the best part about playing a fest like this?
Pustulus Maximus of GWAR- "Walking into other bands' dressing rooms to throw their snacks away and drink their beer."

HID- Are you looking forward to checking out any of the other bands on the fest?
Pustulus Maximus of GWAR- "Against the Grain. Not concerned with any others."

HID- For those Berserker goers that might not have heard your band before, name one of your songs that they should definitely check out.
Pustulus Maximus of GWAR- "Master of Puppets"

HID- The lineup for this year’s Berserker is pretty epic. If you could have any four bands headline a fest, who would you pick?
Pustulus Maximus of GWAR- "The corpses of the Ramones, Judas Priest and that's it."

HID- When you’re out on tour, what are three things that you must have with you?
Pustulus Maximus of GWAR- "A jar of dirt, a Les Paul, a water bottle full of urine."

HID- What else should people know before they check out your band at Berserker?
Pustulus Maximus of GWAR- "Violence and beer are best served domestic."

There you have it! Our final Berserker preview interview! Berserker kicks off Friday night at 7 p.m. Doors are set to open at 6 p.m. and Euphoria kicks it all off at 7 in The Pike Rom. Once again, tickets for Berserker are available for $60 for the whole weekend or $40 per day in advance here. Single day passes will be $50 a night at the door. Check out the full schedule of bands playing Berserker IV and set times below.
We'd like to give a special shout out and huge thank you to Shawn and Veronica for putting on a kick ass event like this every year and bringing so many awesome bands to town. Also a huge thank you for continuing to allow us to cover this fest as it gets bigger and better every year. Another huge shout out goes to everyone at The Crofoot for hosting this event, supporting it and giving it a home. And last, but certainly not least, we'd like to thank Jon & Katy for setting us up with so many awesome interviews over the last week and a huge thanks to all of the bands that responded. All of these interviews definitely got both of us even more stoked for the weekend ahead, and we hope it did the same for all of you reading this! See you at Berserker!

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