Monday, April 10, 2017

Berserker IV Feature - The Obsessed

Berserker IV is almost here! This weekend the fest will bring some of the biggest and best names in metal together for two nights at The Crofoot. The event is happening this Friday and Saturday, April 14th and 15th with PREserker on Thursday, April 13th at Small's. This year the fest is bringing out some pretty legendary acts, among those is The Obsessed.

Led by Scott "Wino" Weinrich, The Obsessed has been making music since 1976. You might also know Wino from bands like Saint Vitus and Spirit Caravan. Their music is a cross between Doom Metal and Punk Rock. The band just released their latest album Sacred last week. This is the first new album that they've released in over 20 years. Check out the music video for the title track below, then read ahead to see Wino's responses to our Berserker questions.

HID- What two words best describe your band? 
Wino of The Obsessed- "Hard Rock"

HID- Why should people check out your set at Berserker? 
Wino- "Because we think they will LAHKKKK it."

HID- What’s the best part about playing a fest like this? 
Wino- "Exposure to a wider audience."

HID- Are you looking forward to checking out any of the other bands on the fest? 

HID- For those Berserker goers that might not have heard your band before, name one of your songs that they should definitely check out. 
Wino- "Punk Crusher, Razorwire, and our new full length record SACRED, streaming Thursday, April 6th on Noisey"

HID- The lineup for this year’s Berserker is pretty epic. If you could have any four bands headline a fest, who would you pick?
Wino- "Us"

HID- When you’re out on tour, what are three things that you must have with you? 
Wino- "Geetars, Amps, Tesla Violet Ray"

HID- What else should people know before they check out your band at Berserker? 
Wino- "Get Ready"

Tickets for Berserker are available for $60 for the whole weekend or $40 per day. You can pick yours up in advance here or at the local businesses listed below. You can also enter to win a pair of weekend passes from Hip in Detroit and Berserker! Get details on how to enter the giveaway here.


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