Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Berserker IV Feature - Boreworm

Another great Michigan based band that is playing Berserker this year is Boreworm. The four piece plays their own brand of death metal that they call Insectile Death Metal. Although they got their start right here in Michigan, they have made their name known and even played Summer Slaughter Tour. Now you get to see them Saturday night in the Vernors Room. Check out their latest release Entomophobia below then read ahead to see what they had to say in response to our Berserker preview questions.

HID- What two words best describe your band?
Boreworm- "Insectile Death"

HID- Why should people check out your set at Berserker?
Boreworm- "I think fans of any kind of fast, scary, heavy music would find something to enjoy in our set. Berserker is stacked with tons of unique bands this year, and I hope the crowd would label us with that as well. It will be our first show back since releasing our new CD Entomophobia as well so we have plenty of pent up energy to release, not to mention the intimate setting in the Vernors Room lends itself to fun up close interaction."

HID- What’s the best part about playing a fest like this?
Boreworm- "It's got to be the chance to play for some people who would not have otherwise seen us live. With the lineup bringing in a diverse crowd it will be interesting to see the reactions, and of course the chance to get so many great local and national musician friends and fans together at the same time!"

HID- Are you looking forward to checking out any of the other bands on the fest?
Boreworm- "Absolutely! Gwar obviously is a huge deal to share the stage with for me, America Must Be Destroyed was huge for me haha. The fellow Michigan dudes in SNAFU, Fell Ruin, Nightkin and our drummer Cody's other band Sunlight's Bane all rule and are amazing live. I'm excited to check out Immortal Bird as well, I've heard great things about them lately!"

HID- For those Berserker goers that might not have heard your band before, name one of your songs that they should definitely check out.
Boreworm- "I would recommend "Hive Conduit" from our previous EP, It runs through a lot of the movements and styles we like to play with."

HID- The lineup for this year’s Berserker is pretty epic. If you could have any four bands headline a fest, who would you pick?
Boreworm- "Like as if it was my birthday or something, like Mikefest? I would stick with the big 4 of "m" bands probably, Metallica, Meshuggah, Mastodon, Megadeth."

HID- When you’re out on tour, what are three things that you must have with you?
Boreworm- "A huge box full of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and waters for one.
A phone or computer stocked with cool adventure locations, music, movies etc.
And a big pile of comfy pillows for sleeping on in the back or smothering your bass player in his sleep hahaha"

HID- What else should people know before they check out your band at Berserker?
Boreworm- "Just come with an open mind and pace your neck so you have plenty of headbangs to share with us Saturday night!"

Tickets for Berserker are available for $60 for the whole weekend or $40 per day. You can pick yours up in advance here or at the local businesses listed below. You can also enter to win a pair of weekend passes from Hip in Detroit and Berserker! Get details on how to enter the giveaway here.

Check out the full schedule of bands playing Berserker IV and set times below. 


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