Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tony Rave Presents Politics As Usual

The growing art community of Detroit has been one of the most interesting changes to come to our city in the last few years. While it seems that there has been a lack of new bands, there is no lack of new artists and galleries popping up all over the city. There seems to be a gallery opening of interest almost every weekend. We have been very inspired by this growing community so we have been covering more and more art shows over the last year. Last weekend we had the pleasure of checking out Laura Finlay's latest gallery at The Storefornt Gallery (a small gallery in Ferndale) and this weekend we are looking forward to seeing artist Tony Rave's first solo show at the newly opened Baltimore Gallery in Detroit.
Tony started drawing and creating art when he was 3 years old. He has a uncle who made quite a name for himself in the local scene and watching his uncle create inspired him to take the same path. Most of his work is politically themed. He received some notariety a few years ago when he released a painting of Kwame Kilpatrick that was titled "The King of Broken Hearts". Since then, most of his art has had themes of pigs in it. His art is highly political and purposely left open for interpretation by the person viewing it. He mixes serious topics with an almost comical style of drawing to create something that is bright and oretty, but also makes you think.
His first solo show will be called "Politics As Usual". The Gallery will feature all of Rave's newest creations. The show will run from this Thursday, June 25th through July 15th. The opening party will take palce this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. The Baltimore Gallery is located at 314 E. Baltimore Ave. in Detroit. All the work that he is displaying at the show will be for sale, so get there early to claim your favorite piece before someone else does!


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