Thursday, June 4, 2015

Do You Want to Play DIY 2015?

Photos borrowed from DIY's website
This week DIY Street Fair announced that it will be returning to Ferndale this Summer. Last year, when they almost canceled the festival due to construction our hearts were broken, but they ended up pulling it off when the construction got pushed back. This year the construction is already in full swing so I was worried, but it turns out that they are going to go through with it anyways! It has consistently been my favorite festival of the year for three reasons. First, it is always on or around my birthday. Second, I love all of the vendors that set up booths, I always end up buying something new and original. And finally, it always has a good eclectic lineup of musical acts from around Metro Detroit. Every year I head out to the festival to see some of my local favorites and end up finding a new band or two to fall in love with.  It is a great place to play if you are trying to get your name out there.
I have gotten a few messages over the last few days asking me if I know who books DIY, so I thought I would let all of you know how to be considered for this year's lineup. All you need to do to apply is fill out the application on the DIY Street Fair website. Remember, there is a limited amount of spots. So get your entries in soon and make a good case for yourself! We cannot wait to see the lineup and we cannot wait for the festival. Here's to another great summer in Detroit full of great shows, great festivals, and great music!


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