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Win FREE Tickets to Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas Record Release Show

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas have been on tour most of this past year. The last time they were in town they played an amazing set at St. Andrew's and distinguished themselves as one of the best live bands this city has seen in years. They are returning to Detroit this Wednesday, August 20th to perform and release their first full length album called Secret Evil. We have been waiting for Jess and The Deltas to put down a complete album and we cannot wait to hear the finished product. They have already premiered a track off the album called “Sorry I Stole Your Man” which you can listen to here. This sneak peak just leaves us wanting more.

Tickets are already on sale for the show and if you buy them in advance you can buy a bundle that includes a poster and a t-shirt. You can also get tickets service fee free by visiting Mexicantown Bakery in SW Detroit.

We had a chance to ask Jessica a few questions about the new album and the show. We also got a pair of tickets to give away to the party courtesy of Black Iris Booking. To enter to win the tickets, please email your full name to with Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas in the subject line.

We are really looking forward to this album and this release party, both promise to be exceptional!
HID- How would you describe the band's sound on the new album?
JH- "Our sound has always had a lot of influences so I think in that sense it’s really similar to things we've released before. It’s a mix of gypsy, rock, pop, soul, goth, blues. The only difference is we had the time and resources with this album to do it proper and work with some really amazing people that helped shape the album a lot. It’s cool because I did a lot of preproduction with my friend Eric Hoegemeyer from Detroit, then got to work with Milo Froideval who is this Grammy award winning producer, and combine these two worlds together that make me feel like I did something honest but polished."

HID- Where was it recorded?
JH- "Imagine adult sleep away summer camp with vintage guitars, insane gear, mescal, amazing food and people set on a pecan farm with a pool. That’s kind of how you would describe Sonic Ranch. It’s a really great place in Tornillo Texas and was a really cool spot to be able to record our first LP."

HID- What is your favorite song off the new album and why?
JH- "I don’t know if I could pick one honestly. They are all so different and tell such different stories that it’s really hard for me to say. If it was life or death I might say "Cry Cry Cry", mostly because even though it’s sad, it’s the closest thing I've ever written to an actual love song. I feel like a lot of people can relate to lyrics and feeling of the song. I obviously always favor my weirdest shit on a personal artistic level, but it's really nice to make something that a lot of people can connect with."

HID- What did you name the album Secret Evil?
JH- "I was trying to think of how I was feeling at the time of writing a lot of these songs. At the time of writing most of the album there was kind of this darkness that made me feel like I was this secretly evil sneaky person. I think a lot of people go through phases like that when their young and their getting their rebellious fix. You do shit you might regret, but end up having a good story to tell when you’re older ha."

HID- You have been on tour most of the summer, how does it feel to be the only girl in a van full of boys?
JH- "Pretty great. I grew up around a lot of boys so I’m pretty used to boogers, farting and whatever other gross shit the guys do in the van. They will be the first ones to tell you that I am probably grosser than them though and am just as vulgar when in the privacy of our little van house. We’re all super close so it’s always fun and the guys know when to leave a lady alone when she’s feeling salty. I get my girl fix on the road though since we meet a lot of awesome people every night."

HID- Why did you pick the Magic Stick for your album release show?
JH- "We haven’t done a more intimate show in Detroit in a while and I really miss that. I love the Magic Stick and my friend Ramona is a bad ass and is helping us out with this show over there, so it seemed like a good fit. We got all these lasers and crazy trippy designs and a photo booth and a lot of stuff to make it feel more like a party than a show. We’re super excited. Plus we haven’t gotten to spend too much time with friends and family this year so it should be a really good night."

HID- Why did you ask Mexican Knives to open up the album release show with you?
JH- "Because I love their band. I’m a big fan of those ladies and dudes musically and on a personal level. Like I said I want this show to feel like a party and they are definitely going to get people in the right mood for that."

HID- You recently recorded a music video, when and where will that be released?
JH- "I've been doing a lot of little and big videos and a lot of experimenting and learning. Not sure exactly when it will be out, but now that the album's coming out you can expect new stuff every month or so whether it be a video or single or 7’’ or what have you."

HID- How do you prepare to go onstage? Do you have any band rituals?
JH- "Not really. It depends on the night. Usually just like to be alone and do my vocal warm ups. I still get nervous before a show so the alone time to calm down and get out of my head is a must."

HID- What is your favorite city to play a show (other than Detroit of course)?
JH- "Hm I don’t know if I have one favorite, but I really like Madison, and pretty much all of Oregon. Everywhere is cool though."

HID- What is next up for the band after the album release?
JH- "A whole lot more touring then releasing the album in every other country and touring that country. I think Mexico and South America is the next release after America, so we’re super excited."

HID- Anything else that you would like our readers to know?
JH- "Hmm just that it's good to be home and we can’t wait to party with everyone on August 20th!"


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