Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Get Rad and Stay Rad with Dr. Tiffany Tuttle this August

A few years ago I was feeling really down and having some issues with anxiety, worry was taking over my life and I was not sleeping. I decided to seek some professional help to teach me how to work through my new found problems and was unable to do so for financial reasons. Despite having insurance, I could not find a therapist that I could afford to work with. So, instead I turned to the self help section of the book store to see if I could beat the anxiety on my own. I purchased three different books at the time and read them from cover to cover. They were three of the most boring books I ever read and when I was finished I was no closer to getting rid of the problem. I learned a few breathing techniques to help me work through an anxiety attack, but I did not get to the root of the problem. I was disappointed that I couldn't afford to get the help I needed and the self help books available were not very helpful or relate-able. I eventually worked through my anxiety and learned how to cope, but I admit that sometimes it still gets the best of me.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago when I was given a copy of a new book that is being released this August from a local author named Dr. Tiffany Tuttle, the book is called Being and Awesomeness: Get Rad and Stay Rad. It is a self help book of sorts that promises to help the reader, "come to terms with the past, understand how early attachments influence your behavior today, conquer depression and anxiety, (and show you how to) follow through on making positive changes (in your life)".  I was both intrigued and skeptical about the book, but I knew that I had to give it a read and see what I could gain from it.

By the time I was finished, my mind was blown. I cannot believe how well written and informative this book was. It helped me identify some of the sore spots in my life that I am still dealing with and put them in perspective. It gave me to tools that I need to make the choice to make a change in my life and actually follow through on that promise. It also helped me realize how easy it is for me to get caught up in my own negative thoughts. In a lot of ways, it made me realize that a lot of anxiety and depression that I experience is not only made up in my head, but it is totally unnecessary and I can get rid of it if I want to. The author uses  Simpsons and other pop culture references to put things into perspective and relate to me on my level, aka poop and fart jokes mixed with a little real talk. The book was illustrated by Monster Free Design and the hand drawn graphics help you understand the points that Dr.Tuttle is trying to convey. It is well laid out, visually appealing, and full of things that everyone could benefit from reading.

This is a no bull shit book that will actually help you learn a little about who you are and how to make yourself happy. I wish I would have had the book a few years ago because I think that I would be much farther along in my battle with anxiety. Being and Awesomeness is being released August 29th at The Loving Touch. It is going to be on sale for $5 a copy and I want everyone I know to have the chance to read this from cover to cover like I did.

Please block of your calenders fort he 29th and add Being and Awesomeness on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with some giveaways and promotions that they are going to be running to lead up to the party. You can also follow her on her blog here. Kudos to Dr. Tuttle, we need a lot more of you in Detroit, you made a huge impact on me in a mere 158 pages. 


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