Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Electronic Music Showcase at The Old Miami

Christopher Jarvis, or Ancient Language as you may know him, is always coming up with something new and interesting. He keeps pushing himself and his music forward in any way that he can. This weekend he teamed up with his friend Jon Zott to put together a showcase that will stimulate your mind, your eyes, and your ears. They will be taking over The Old Miami alongside Charles Trees and TJ Teej Winters for a night of audio visual perfection.

This will be the first of many events that they plan to play together. Expect another showcase from these guys every three or four months. Here’s what Jon had to say about the event.
HID- What made you decide to put this event together? What is the idea behind it?
Jon Zott- "Both of us have felt uninspired about playing out recently. We just wanted to be proactive about doing a show the way we wanted to do it. We wanted to put on a show that gave electronic musicians and visual artists a chance to collaborate and make something really unique and fun. Chris and I have designed some fun stuff for the show on the 7th, but we look forward to collaborations in the future."
HID- What do you mean when you say that it will be an “audio and visual experience”?
Jon Zott- "We thought it was just as important to do something creative and new visually as it was to do something new musically. We want to continue that trend every time we set up a show together. Whenever an electronic artist has new material or a visual artist has some new work, we want to incorporate that into our show."

HID- Why The Old Miami?
Jon Zott- "I like the sound system. The drinks are cheap. We both insisted that it be in Detroit. This first show was set up kind of short notice and Chris thought it was most realistic to set it up there because he knew who to contact. We are comfortable moving the event around in the future though."

HID- Are you really giving away cassette tapes?
Jon Zott- "Yes! First 50 people in will get one with a track by each of us remixing each other's most recent singles."

HID- Do people still have ways to play cassette tapes?
Jon Zott- "Maybe, maybe not. Unique download codes will be attached to the tapes as well. We wanted to make sure there was something physical that could be taken away from the night. Whether someone plays the download or the cassette isn't as specifically important to us as guests having a memento for the evening."

HID- What made you choose this lineup for the first show?
Jon Zott- "We both love Charles Trees. Teej is wanting to try out some new stuff that were both excited to hear. Chris and I have always enjoyed each other's work and have influenced and pushed each other to get better. We wanted it to be diverse without feeling confusing and we think we've achieved that. The night will start with some slower groovy stuff and slowly build up to some house/dance tracks."

HID- When will the next showcase be?
Jon Zott- "November or early December. We haven't set a specific date yet, but the plan is to do them quarterly."

HID- Anything else that you want our readers to know?
Jon Zott- "Chris and I will be posting our remixes of each other's latest singles this weekend to stream. Please enjoy them. We hope to see you at the show."
The show will take place this Thursday, August 7th at The Old Miami. Its $3 to get in the door. Doors open at 9 p.m. and the first 50 people get a mix tape with entry fee!


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