Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Detroit Dart Club Grand Opening

Detroit is full of people with good ideas, we are the home of Slow Roll and more D.I.Y. festivals then we can count. Detroiters are known for making new and interesting things happen. But, my latest discovery may prove to be one of the coolest ideas to date.

Last year Connor McGaffey came across a buy one get one free Nerf gun deal that he couldn't pass up. He picked up a few guns and had a few friends over for a Nerf war, like we did when we were kids. The difference is that his Nerf war escalated into weekly games, teams, and tournaments. He came up with some rules, set up some obstacle courses and started having all out wars inside his home. He found that he was having a blast with his friends and realized that others would enjoy this, he just couldn't fit them all into his house. Instead, he looked into renting a space inside The Russell Industrial Center and starting an official Detroit Dart Club.

His dream will become a reality this Saturday, August 23rd when the Detroit Dart Club opens its doors for the first official day of play. Connor has rented out a 4,000 square foot area within the Russell Industrial Center and constructed a space to take these games to a whole new level. The doors will be open form 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. this Saturday and it is only going to be $5 to play a few games. He wants you to get a feel for the sport and see if you can resist coming back for more.

The Jam and Jubilee at the Russell Industrial Center will also be going on at the same time. This event features music, food, and drinks and a special Slow Roll at 5 p.m. This event is FREE and gives you two great reasons to stop in.

We are looking forward to checking out the Detroit Dart Club space ourselves and participating in a game. We have a feeling this is going to be one of the hippest spaces in town in the next few months!

The Detroit Dart Club is located at 1600 Clay St. Detroit, Michigan. For more details or to book your own game follow DDC on Facebook here.


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