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Did you ever watch Project Runway? I was obsessed with that show until it jumped the shark a few seasons ago. My favorite challenge every year was when they had to make something out of unconventional materials. One year they had to cut things out of a car and make an outfit out of it. It made for some interesting TV, but it also made for some great one of a kind pieces that changed how I would look at car parts, vaccum bags or any other object for everyday life.
Here in Detroit we have our own form of this called Trashion. The Whitdel Art Space has opened its doors to 14 local designers and asked them to create pieces out of unconventional materials. The designers are allowed to use anything that they found in the city to create something beautiful or interesting. Not only are we excited that this is happening but we are even happier to announce that two of Hip in Detroit's favorites are participating in the event, Kelly Lynne and Sarah Lapinski. I tried to get both girls to tell me about the pieces that they are working on for the show, but they wanted to keep it a surprise for those that venture out to the gallery. However, I did get Kelly Lynne to share some photos of her new designs to give you an idea of what this girl can do.

In the mean time, I caught up with the gallery curator, Lisa Marie Krug, whom we met a few months ago at the Odd Hours photo shoot. Turns out that she is a jack of all trades. She gave us the details on Trashion and the Whitdel art gallery. Check out what she had to say and join us on August 10 for the opening.

The event opens on August 1st and runs until September 10th. There is a reception from 6-8 on the 10th that you must attend. There is a guest speaker on August 25 at 1 p.m. and a family workshop on August 25 at 10 p.m. that you might also be interested in. Read ahead for more details.

hipindetroit- What made you decide to feature this Trashion event at your gallery?

Lisa- We really wanted to highlight other forms of art that you may not expect to find in a gallery. Fashion and the making of clothes is very much an art form, the idea to make garments out of found objects was to show how designers can be problem solvers to create something new and beautiful. There is no shortage of items all around you that may otherwise be overlooked, why not make them into something you can wear. Something new and beautiful.

hipindetroit- How many designers are part of the show? How did they apply or become part of the event? For example, were they chosen or did they apply?

Lisa- There are 14 designers:
Cynthia LaMaide
Daniel Neville
Emily Thornhill
Jeanne Medina
Jessica Frelinghuysen
Kelly Sager
Lakea Shepard
Lauren Helbig
Sarah Lapinski
Sheila Palmer
Sydney Conaway
Tiff Massey
Tiffany Best
Dana McCombs

Many of them were invited by the gallery but some responded to a call for entry. We targeted local designers to contribute in the exhibition, but there are some fine artists and sculptors that also wanted to participate so we did not place any restrictions on who could apply.

hipindetroit- Is there a theme for the show?

Lisa- The only theme for the show is that all of the items used to make the garments are supposed to be from found objects from Detroit. They can be anything from normal scraps of fabric, to pieces of metal, plants, rubber…anything the designers wanted to use to make new clothes.

hipindetroit- Were there any rules placed on the designers?

Lisa- No rules other than using found objects- the only limit the designers had was their imagination. Detroit is constantly reinventing itself, picking things up and making new and exciting art and fashion…

hipindetroit- What kind of found objects can we expect to find?

Lisa- We actually don’t know yet, and that is most of the fun. From what I have heard a mix of couture like dresses and accessories to other wearable objects. The unexpected.

hipindetroit- Tell us about the guest speaker, what will she be talking about?

Lisa- Our guest speaker is Tiffany Best, from the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale. Tiffany was born from the womb of one crafty mother, Tiffany Best has a lot of experience making objects/clothes from found objects. Using materials such as paper mache and even a wasp nest corset. Her work has been featured in HEARD Magazine, Fall in Love with Fashion, The Woods Gallery, and Little Monster’s Toy Boutique.

hipindetroit- Tell us about the family workshop.

Lisa- The family workshop was added so that people who come to the gallery can participate in making similar objects of their own. We have had several scraps of fabric and other craft items donated so that participants of the workshop can create an accessory of their own from found objects, a mask or anything else they may be able to dream up.

The workshop will be held August 25th 2012, 10 a.m. -12 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

hipindetroit- Tell me about Whitdel Arts Space, how long has it been there, what is the idea behind it, what kind of other galleries has it featured?

Lisa- Whitdel Arts opened in 2007 as an off shoot from CAID (Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit). It has been our main focus since opening to highlight Detroit Artists and bring new contemporary art to Southwest Detroit and the surrounding areas.

We have always been more of an open door gallery encouraging artist to approach us with ideas for exhibitions.

hipindetroit- Finally, is there anything you think people need to know about the show or space. 

Lisa- We were recently voted the Best Art Space by the Metro Times Staff in the best of issue in 2012; we are an 1800 square foot space who really likes to see new faces.


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