Monday, August 20, 2012

Motors And Music- A Great Way To Spend A Sunny Saturday

With summer winding down, everyone is trying to take advantage of the nice weather and the great outdoors. This past weekend, there was a great new outdoor music festival that allowed us to spend some time outside and enjoy some great bands and entertainment.

Organized in part by Matt Dalton, Motors and Music Experience brought together several different bands from different ends of the music spectrum. Our day started off with Chiodos, the Michigan natives who recently reunited. Although they played early in the day, they had quite a few of their die-hard fans there, some of which even traveled from out of state to see these guys.
After Chiodos, we walked around and checked out some of the other entertainment, including The Detroit Circus and some motorcycle stunt men. Since there was such a variety of music playing throughout the day, it was awesome that there were also some other types of entertainment for attendees to check out if they weren't quite into the performers on stage at that time.

In addition to the entertainment there were some sweet cars to look at as well as some pretty good eats to grab. R.U.B BBQ was even there, which was a big surprise compare to the nachos and cheese and $6 slices of pizza most concerts and festivals have on hand.
Although we had to head out early to get to Tesco Fest, Motors and Music was a fun way to spend a beautiful Saturday. We hear that head-liners Stone Temple Pilots and Ice-T and CoCo both put on great shows. To see some great pictures from later in the day, head over to the Motors and Music Experience Facebook page. Hopefully this festival will return next year and will be even bigger and better than this year. And hopefully this and other events continue to make The Silverdome their home so we can bring this landmark back to life.


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