Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bat On Fire At The Magic Stick!

Last Thursday night we got a chance to see Bat on Fire at the Magic stick. They were playing a Black Iris Booking line up of metal bands that included Eyes Set to Kill and The Worst Of. Bat on Fire drummer John Kay is not only the backbone behind P.T.’s Revenge, but he is also the rock behind Bat on Fire. We got a chance to get a few pictures of the band to share with you and a video to check out.
We hung out on the patio at the Magic Stick and enjoyed the bands. I love metal more and more every day! Make sure to check back and we will keep you updated on future Bat on Fire shows as they get booked! Thanks for letting us come down and listen and enjoy! For a full list of future Black Iris Booking shows, check our page frequently. We get the most up to date releases every week! 


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