Monday, August 13, 2012

Get My Fash On At Trashion

Friday night I dragged one of my favorite friends/guitar players, Bryce Carroll-Coe (Thigh High Roots), out with me and we attended the Trashion art exhibit opening at Whitdel Arts in Detroit. We were able to walk around and snap some pictures as we talked with each of the designers about their particular pieces. There were items made from all sorts of materials including plastic, roof tiles and pizza boxes, with garments ranging from hats, to necklaces, to full dresses. 

I was particularly impressed with the dress that designer Kelly Lynne made. The bodice was made of different pieces or found objects from the streets of Detroit, but with a little time and spray paint it became a gorgeous corset that I would actually wear! 

I also loved what Tiffany Best did. she took patches and made the most gorgeous avante garde look I have ever seen! It reminded me of something that Lady Gaga would wear, or maybe a modern version of a patchy gladiator. 

The pizza box hats, especially the Detroit D, really stood out to me as not only being creative but funny and awesome at the same time. 

The opening was very nice and there was a large group of people in attendance. The show runs now until September 1st from Noon 'till 3 p.m. or by appointment. For more information or to set up a private viewing, you can email Rebecca at

Check out our full article with more details about the show here. Also, don’t forget to check out Kelly Lynne’s full fashion show with her fall line on September 23rd at the Detroit Design Festival. We will be giving you more details about that as it gets closer, but mark your calendars now! 


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