Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Go See Jennifer Bloomer and Lots of Other Funny People This Week!

A few months ago we introduced you to local hottie and comedian, Jennifer Bloomer. She performed with her improv group for Hip In Detroit and a packed house at Go Comedy and we loved what we saw. She is bursting with talent and humor and had us laughing in our seats. See our past interview with her and a clip from when we saw her perform here:


This week Jennifer is participating in the Detroit Improv Festival and she would love for all of you to come check her out along with all of the other comedians that are participating in the event. This is the second year they are having this festival in Ferndale, with over 30 acts and 150 people preforming. The Detroit Improv Festival is going on August 8th - 12th. Check out the schedule of events here and go out and get some laughs this week! 



  1. Hot + Funny = Dream Girl

  2. Believe me. She is a dream. prettier than the video conveys